Everything you need to know about Motorbike Dash Cams

Dashcams or dashboard cameras are essential for a motorbike, as much as they are for cars. A dashcam basically is a digital camera that records happenings on the road from both the front and rear areas. This recording mechanism helps motorcyclists to keep a track of how the traffic on the road is moving. Motorbike dash cams play an essential role in providing safety for motorcyclists on the road. They capture everything happening on the road to boost the safety of motorcyclists. The dashcams are equipped with a storage feature for later viewing, which is an added advantage. A few dashcams have a GPS facility that can help motorcyclists navigate in places not known to them.

Choosing the best motorbike dashcam can be a daunting task, given the number of types and makes. Having to pick something that suits you, can get really overwhelming. This article is a comprehensive guide to motorbike dashcams, their features, types, and benefits. So if you are someone who has been looking for this information, read on.

Types of Motorbike Dashcams

There are two kinds of motorbike dashcams:

  1. Front view motorbike dash cams
  2. Motorbike dashcams with Front and back view
  3. Helmet mounted cams 

Front view Motorbike Dashcams

As the name suggests, front view dash cams capture the happenings on the road from the front. The major drawback of this kind of dashcam is, it does not record the happenings on the road from the rear area of the motorbike.

Front and back view Motorbike Dashcams

These types of dashcams are equipped in capturing happenings on the road from both the front and the rear areas of the bike. These are the most recommended motorbike dashcams. They are also the most reliable of the lot. You can use the recordings as strong evidence in cases of accidents. However, these are obviously more expensive than the front view dashcams.

Front view vs front and back view Dashcams

The determining factor of choosing a motorbike dashcam is the places you travel to and how frequently you use the dashcam. In any case or given any circumstances, it is always advisable that you get a front and back view dashcam. Although it is expensive, it is worth the money spent. Unlike the front view dashcam, a front and back view dash cam can help you in accessing more footage to prove as evidence in unfortunate cases of accidents.

Helmet mounted cams

Action camera on a motorcycle rider’s helmet

Although these are not technically dash cams, they do serve the same purpose. A helmet mounted camera will provide a clear view of the road ahead and will give a viewpoint that is similar to the riders view. This is mainly because the camera is attached to the riders helmet and as such, follows the rider as they move their head from side to side.

Features of a Motorcycle Dashcam

Dashcams that are built with high-quality materials are more durable when compared to dash cams that are built with low-quality materials. The high-quality ones will last you several years and save you money. There will not be a need to replace them for so much more longer.

Unlike dashcams designed for cars that are placed inside them, motorbike dashcams are exposed to harsh weather and temperature. They should be able to stand the rain and snow. So it is extremely important that they are water-resistant. You will be able to clean the dust on your camera easily after your rides if it is dustproof. A high-quality camera lens will not grow blurry even when exposed to direct sunlight for long hours.

Video Quality

The video quality of the dashcam is of utmost significance. A camera resolution of either 1440p or 1080p should be good enough for a motorbike camera. Any resolution lower than this will not display good quality video recordings.

Auto on/off is a great feature for a dashcam. This basically switches the camera on once you start your motorbike and it switches it off automatically when you stop the motorbike’s ignition. It is possible that you forget to put the camera on sometimes. This feature makes sure you record all your bike rides.

Loop record Feature

If you are a motorcyclist who goes on long rides, there are chances your SD card gets full very often. With loop recording, every time the SD card reaches its limit, the camera will overwrite the data.

Other important features are the GPS, inbuilt wifi, and G sensor. A GPS tracker helps you reach your destination quickly. A wifi connection helps you share data with other devices and a G sensor detects night visions and vibrations. Additionally, a wide-angle camera of a hundred and twenty degrees will cover more in a video recording.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Dashcam

Installing a dashcam on your motorbike can help you provide evidence in the form of video footage, in cases of accidents.

Video recordings from dash cams can be provided to insurance companies to claim insurance when your motorbike gets damaged for no fault of yours.

Unfortunately, you can be the victim of an accident. In such cases, dashcams always help in getting the required information of the accused.

Dashcams do serve recreational purposes too

If you are out on a ride to a scenic place, a dashcam can capture footage that you can enjoy viewing later or share with your friends and close ones.

Sometimes it can be difficult to park your motorbike in a public place. A dashcam can act as a perfect parking guide for you.

Now that you know, the features of a good motorbike dashcam, it should not deter you from buying one. The plethora of benefits of using a dashcam is far too good to ignore. You can mount a dashcam easily on your bike or helmet. Most dash cams are compatible with a smartphone. To sum it up, a motorbike dashcam is a great investment. You can get a high-end dash cam or something that costs several tens of dollars. The choice is yours to make depending on your budget, preference, and requirement.

Interesting fun fact

Besides dashcams being a great investment from a legal and safety standpoint, they capture unexpected events that become memorable forever. For instance, a Russian driver’s dashcam captured a meteor that flew over Russia. This video recording got tens of millions of likes on YouTube.

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