A Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Leather Gear

If you have been on an off-road bike trip without proper motorcycle gear, it is very likely that you may be thinking of getting some good leather gear for motorcycling now. Good motorcycling gear can give you a biking experience of another level. It protects you in varied situations, the comfort good motorcycle gear provides is unmatchable. When you are comfortable and free of distractions you are a better driver.

Why should you buy Motorcycle Gear?

Good motorcycle gear provides protection to riders from sun, rain, wind, and any debris that can get on to your face and into your eyes and ruin your biking experience. Ill-fitting gear on the other hand can cause discomfort and be a major cause for distraction. Although these are benefits that riders look at when buying motorcycle wear, the primary and the most important benefit that motorcycle gear provides is crash protection. Someone who hit the pavement and fortunately who was wearing proper gear can vouch for it. Motorcycle gear can be real saviors in such circumstances.

Is Motorcycle gear worth the money?

It will not be an exaggeration to say that after the spacesuit, motorcycle gear is the next best invention. Good motorcycle leather gear can be expensive. However, buying the right gear will greatly enhance your motorcycle safety and is better than spending tens of thousands of dollars to stay alive after an unfortunate and unexpected crash. As they rightly say, prevention is better than cure.

Now that we have a fair idea of what motorcycling gear is all about. Let us have a look at a few benefits different leather gear provide.


Motorcycling jackets made in leather provide maximum abrasion resistance. They are also water-resistant to keep you dry in the rain. Leather jackets are also the most durable jackets on the block.

Power-packed features

Motorcycling jackets stand out with their power-packed features. In fact, features that are next to impossible to find in regular jackets. A few such features of motorcycling jackets are

  1. They are double seamed. It protects the stitching from abrasion.
  2. The design and fit snug you. It helps especially when it gets super windy.
  3. Cushioning is provided at places that are most vulnerable in the unforeseen event of a crash.
  4. A good jacket snugly fits, keeping the arms free enough.

Jackets are the most popular motorcycle gear for good reasons. Besides jackets, there are other motorcycle gears that are made to protect you when riding. Let’s have a look at a few of these. Here is a list.

  1. Gloves
  2. Suits and
  3. Armor


Your regular jeans or denim or pants made from any material other than leather provide not even a quarter of the abrasion resistance motorcycling leather pants can provide. The right fit and comfort are things you must look at when investing in a good pair of high-quality leather pants. Cushioning in the hip and knees add more value.


A good pair of boots in motorcycling has to survive the unpredictable surfaces on the road. It can get wet and slippery and extremely rough at times too. In fact, a sturdy pair of boots come equipped with great ankle support and non-slip soles. A good way to ascertain that a particular kind of footwear will survive in a crash is to hold it by the toe and heel and twist it. Is the result of this twisting something your feet can survive in a crash? Well, it is most probably a No.

Anything less than a pair of boots specially designed as motorcycle gear will most certainly fly away in a crash leaving your feet with zero protection.


Your hands are the most vulnerable part of your body in a crash. The brain is programmed in a way that at the expense of the hands, it protects the head. Gloves should be made of good quality leather and stitched strongly to provide maximum impact in a crash. The base of your palms should be armored as your hands are most likely to hit the surface first when you crash. An important sign of a great pair of gloves is they do not hinder your riding capabilities.


A one-piece leather motorcycle suit is equipped with a head-to-toe zipper. To put on a motorcycle suit is less than a twenty-second job irrespective of what you are wearing beneath the suit. It is for the adventure riders, commuters, and pretty much everyone else out there looking for ease of use and comfort from their motorcycle gear.


Motorcycle armor should fit you extremely well. Basically, the gears should not restrict your body movements. An armor absorbs all the energy. It should be comfortable and not move in a crash to give you maximum protection. Armor comes along with the riding gear. If it does not, you can always buy it separately.

Things to consider when investing in motorcycle gear

There are a few things that you must put into perspective when choosing to buy motorcycle gear. This can help you optimize the benefits.

Riding style

The kind of motorcyclist you are can be the determining factor in picking gear that will suit your needs. Whether you are a classic motorcyclist, a commuter, or a rider who loves going off roads, there is a gear designed to suit you.

Price Range

Motorcycle gear can be really expensive. In fact, you could choose to go the economical way by picking pre-owned gear or opt for brand new gear depending on what you can afford.

Add armor

A lot of riders swear by the armor and don’t ride without it, some prefer not wearing armor. However, having the option to add armor to your existing jacket is a great idea.

To sum it up, motorcycle gear should not be considered optional.  It is an absolute necessity. You must factor the cost of riding gear in the overall price of a bike purchase so that you enjoy safe riding for many, many years.

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