How to check your Motorcycle Tires and how to choose the right ones for your Motorbike

Spring is the motorcycle season that brings all the motorcycle riders back to the roads. Many more motorcycle enthusiasts add to the number of existing ones. As a new motorcyclist or as a pro, it does not hurt to have in-depth knowledge about motorcycle tires and how to check their integrity as part of your basic motorcycle safety procedures. The different kinds that are available in the market and which ones suit your requirement. Sooner or later you will need to change your existing tires to brand new ones.

The criteria in choosing a motorbike tire are how frequently you go on motorbike rides and the kind of rides you go on. Depending on these factors you can choose motorbike tires that will suit your requirements.

Before we get into the types of motorbike tires and how to choose the ones that will suit your needs. Let us have a look at how to check your tires if they need to be replaced in the first place.

How to check your tires

Motorcyclists endanger not only their own lives but also the lives of other people on the road. It is crucial that you identify that the tires are in poor condition and they need to be replaced. Not to forget, motorbikes with tires in bad condition can affect the performance significantly.

How often should you check your motorbike tires?

A quick look to check the general condition every week should be good enough. However, you should check the tire pressure religiously every two weeks.

Tire Pressure

You will find the ideal tire pressure information in the user manual. Adhering to it will make sure you provide longevity to your tires. Also riding your motorbike with tires that are under-inflated can result in low stability of the vehicle on the road. It can very well damage the motorbike tires and it is no secret that under-inflated tires result in excess fuel consumption.

Besides, the general tire condition and tire pressure there are other things that you need to keep a track of. Listed here are a few such important things that will give you a good insight into the tire condition and help you judge if the tires need to be replaced.

  • Tire tread depth.
  • Uneven tire wear.
  • Tire damage and
  • Tire Age.

What is Tire tread depth and how to check for it?

Tread is the tire’s rubber that comes in contact with the road. The tread depth is a legal requirement that manufacturers need to fulfil while building your motorbike. It differs from one country to another. With time the tread depth of the tire wears down. This is when you need to replace your motorbike’s tires.

Tire tread depth gauge

It is the simplest and the most accurate method to know the degree of the motorbike’s wear and tear. The tire tread depth gauge can help you know the level of damage that has occurred to the tire and if it is time to replace it already.

Uneven Tire wear

You must look for any unevenness around the total circumference of the tire. If there is any uneven wear, you should check for tire pressure. If the tire pressure is good, you must check the wheel balance.

Tire Damage

Having your motorbike tires inspected by a professional every now and then is a great idea to keep tire damage at bay. The following are a few reasons why tires get damaged.

  • Tire damage could be a result of any punctures. The debris on the roads can be one of the reasons. 
  • Insufficient tire pressure can cause damage to your bike
  • Extreme damage could result in the tread separating from the tire.
  • Blowout of the tire can sometimes cause an irreparable damage

Tire Age

A motorbike tire is generally considered aged if it is five years old. However, if the tires have been maintained and used well it can optimise the age of the tires. You can continue with these tires however it is advisable that you have a professional perform regular checks. If a motorbike tire has turned ten years old, it is almost obligatory to replace them, irrespective of the condition of the tires.

How to choose the right motorbike tires

Motorcycle tires come in varied forms. Your riding style and the kind of roads that you ride on should be deciding factors in selecting tires for your motorbike. Doing otherwise can impact your safety on the road.  The rubber compound used in the manufacturing of each type of tire is very different from another. You have a wide range of options when choosing a motorbike tire. To some the aesthetic appeal of the tires matters and to some its functionality. However, the primary emphasis should be what your motorbike is meant for.

From choppers to touring bikes and classic motorcycles. Choosing the right tires for your motorbike can enhance performance and riding comfort. This will subsequently result in a better overall bike riding experience.

Types of Motorbike Tires

Here is a list of a few types of motorbike tires.

  • Touring motorcycle tires.
  • Cruiser and chopper tires.
  • Off-road motorcycle tires.
  • Motorcycle sports tires and
  • Superfast motorbike tires.

Buying Motorbike tires from a professional vendor

This guide can definitely be your go-to when it comes to learning about motorbike tires. However, expert advice from a professional can help you choose motorbike tires that will suit your needs and meet your expectations. A professional is equipped with the right knowledge and the much-needed experience to recommend the right tires for your motorbike. Factors like the weather conditions you are going to ride the bike in, the surface of roads and if there are any long-distance trip you are planning play an important role. The motorbike’s tire load is a significant factor in making an informed decision about the tires that will suit your motorbike the best. So get the tires that go beyond meeting your expectations and have fun riding safe!

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