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Benefits of Motorcycle Helmets and a Guide to Motorcycle Helmet Buying

Motorcycling is loved by riders across the world owing to the excitement and the adrenaline rush it offers. However, it is a known fact that motorcyclists are more prone to accidents than car drivers. Motorcyclists do not have the cushion of the safety of an enclosed vehicle. Therefore it is dangerous to ride without any protective gear especially without headgear like a helmet. A helmet does not just protect you from any fatal injury, it does offer a great number of other benefits.

A helmet is just one of the many ways in which you can make yourself safer as a motorcycle rider. You also need to consider purchasing protective leather clothing as well as a motorcylce first aid kit. However, In this article we will focus on the motorcylce helmet, we will throw some light on a few benefits of motorcycle helmets. To sum up, a motorcycle helmet can help you to

  1. Reduce wind noise.
  2. Improve the road view.
  3. Keeps your hair away from your face.
  4. Protects you from the weather and
  5. Set an example for other motorcyclists on the road.

Reduces wind noise

Motorcycle helmets are designed in such a way that they cover your ears. This helps in the reduction of the wind noise. Furthermore, it helps you concentrate more on the road and on what is happening around you. In fact, this way you are more cautious of any unwanted mishaps.

Improve the road view

Motorcycle helmets come with face shields. This shield helps keep all the dust and unwanted airborne stuff from getting into your eyes. Well, to be honest, sunlight can blur your vision. Reduced sight due to sun glare is the primary reason for many accidents. The anti-sun glare visor in the face shield of the helmet assures more visibility of the road and your surroundings.

Keeps your hair away from the face

The visor on the helmet can keep hair off your face. This could be a problem especially if you have long hair. Keeping your hair away from your face and eyes gives you better visibility of the road and the others on the road. Hair getting in your eyes can be a major distraction for you while riding a motorcycle.

Protects you from the weather

A helmet can protect you from dust storms and unpredictable rains. These are factors that deter you from riding safely. Helmets help you keep better control of your motorbike in such circumstances. Combined with other protective gear, helmets can help you avoid an accident in the making.

Set an example for other motorcyclists on the road

Accidents happen when you least expect them. A helmet can help minimize the chances of any head injury. Use a helmet with other protective gear designed for motorcyclists to set an example to other riders on the road. Even the most skilled riders prefer a helmet owing to the many benefits it offers.

Now that we are aware of the incredible benefits of a motorbike helmet, let’s dive in straight into the most comprehensive helmet buying guide. There are helmets of so many makes and kinds and the ones that are tailor-made. All this can be much too overwhelming for someone who is looking to buy a helmet. This guide will help clear your confusion and choose a helmet that suits you the best.

Motorcycle helmets – Four major categories

We have put all motorcycle helmets into four major categories.

  • Open face helmet
  • Full face helmet
  • Modular helmet and
  • Motocross helmet

Let us get into the details of the pros and cons of each of these helmets and the kind of motorcyclists they suit the most.

Open face Helmet

Black glossy vintage helmet place on the wooden box in selective focus with vintage tone.


These helmets do not have a jaw and a visor. That is why they are called open face helmets. These are airy and offer maximum visibility of the road and the surroundings. These helmets look cool too.


The open face helmets provide the least protection to the jaw and the face for that matter. In addition, the absence of a visor does not obstruct dust from getting into your eyes. Moreover, the wind can be a challenge too.

Best suited for

These helmets are best suited for motorcyclists who don’t go over the minimum speed. Also, these work well for running errands or going to the college if it’s close by.

Full Face Helmet


Unlike the open face helmet, a full-face helmet does have a jaw and a visor. So you get the full protection of your face. The wind and dust cannot make your ride difficult. It is versatile and it goes well with almost any look.


This helmet is more expensive than the open face helmet and definitely heavier. It can be a little inconvenient to carry it around all the time. Further, it may also become quite uncomfortable on a hot day.

Best suited for

These helmets can be confidently worn on long weekend rides and to commute to work. At the same time, the full-face helmet becomes a secondary half face helmet when you want to go a little grocery shopping. This has the benefits of both.

Modular Helmet


A modular helmet can be used as a full-face helmet and a half-face helmet as and when needed. If you are someone who goes on all kinds of rides this is a perfect one time buy for you.


These helmets are heavy and if you have to pick helmets from the same make, you will realize the same helmet in its modular range is heavier. With the weight comes restrictions in moving the head and it can leave you feeling fatigued.

Best suited for

Modular helmets can be used the way you want and they can be your best companion, be it a trail, a grocery run or a tour. Further, they will suit all kinds of rides.

Motocross Helmet

Dirty motorcycle motocross helmet with goggles


Although these helmets give full-face protection. These helmets are lighter than full-face helmets and modular helmets. They come with on-the-go goggles that can be put away when not needed. Breathability is a major plus too.


These are ideal for riding off-road. Consequently, these are not very practical on the roads as they lack functionality.

Best suited for

Motocross or dirt helmets work well when you want to take them lightly. A long relaxing off-road ride suits best with these helmets.  So, if you are someone who is looking forward to enjoying riding a motorcycle for long, drive sober, keep your motorcycle in good condition and invest in a good helmet and it will definitely pay off!

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